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How To Play

Division Breakdown

Teams will be divided into three divisions.

  • Youth (8-12) – Can be co-ed
  • Young Adult (13-17) – Can be co-ed
  • Adult (18+) – Can be co-ed

Number of Player/Roles

Each team must have a minimum of seven players and a maximum of twelve. Roles will be divided into Shooters and Rebounders. Each team is required to have two Rebounders; the rest of the players will be Shooters.


Competition Objective

Each team will be given two basketballs and will have a total of seven minutes of play to make as many baskets as possible. Teams must shoot in sequence, left to right. Round One will last five minutes with shots being taken from the 3-Point Line – each completed basket counts for three (3) points. Designated referees will signal when points are made and a scorekeeper will change the score when the referee signals a made shot. Round One is followed by a two minute rest. Round Two will last for two minutes with shots being taken from the NBA 3-PointLine –each completed basket counts for six (6) points. At the end of the Round Two, the team with the most total points advances to the next competition.