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Little Big Shot rules and regulations

These rules have been set to ensure fair and enjoyable play for all participants of Little Big Shot. Each player is required to review this rules sheet and understand all the rules prior to participation. Any questions should be directed to a Little Big Shot event staff member or call 1-855-452-7468.

Prior to the Competition

Each team must have seven to twelve players on its roster who have registered their team by the predetermined entry deadline. Seven players is the minimum number required to be allowed to participate. Additions and/ or changes to any roster must be approved by a Little Big Shot event staff member and completed prior to the start of a team’s first shootout of the event. Substitutions are not allowed without approval from a Little Big Shot event staff member. A player is only allowed to participate on one team for the duration of the tournament. Each team is required to designate a Team Captain who will represent the team in all communications with the Little Big Shot event staff.

After the Game

The Team Captain of the winning team should obtain a winner certificate from the Little Big Shot official monitoring their round and deliver it to the Head Scorekeeper. Timing and location of the next shootout will be posted on the official scoreboard.

Team Captain Responsibilties

Any questions or disputes will be discussed only with the Team Captain. Disputes will not be heard after the game has been completed. Disqualification from the competition can result from infractions of any of the following policies:

Use of replacement players

The approved players listed on the roster at the time of play are the only players eligible to participate. Little Big Shot event staff reserve the right to request proof of identification from players at any time.

False information

Information provided on the team’s official registration form is the basis for division breakdowns. Any false information is grounds for disqualification.

Unnecessary vulgarity or abusive conduct

Good sportsmanship is expected. Players can be expelled from a team for foul language or unsportsmanlike behavior.

Additional Rules

Rule 1

All participants must have a signed release form. All participants under 18 must have a release form signed by their parent/legal guardian.

Rule 2

Participants need to be at the assigned facility at least 15 minutes prior to their shootout time.

Rule 3

Teams not on the floor at the assigned time will forfeit their opportunity to participate.

Rule 4

Each team must have a minimum of 7 (seven) players, 2 (two) of which must be rebounders.

Rule 5

Each game will be scheduled for a maximum of 20 – 25 minutes.

  • 5 (five) minutes for warm-up
  • 5 (five) minutes for Round One from the 3-Point Line
  • 2 (two) minutes rest between Round One and Round Two
  • 2 (two) minutes for Round Two from the NBA Line


All scores will be posted on the Little Big Shot bracket board at the tournament.

The next scheduled shootout, if necessary, for those advancing will be posted on the Little Big Shot bracket board at the tournament showing the date/time/location.